The painting by Richard Harrison titled Hollowed Land is part of the Farhat Art Museum collection, in the British collection.

Richard Harrison

Richard Harrison (20th century)
Hollowed Land, 1986
titled, signed and dated ‘Richard Harrison / 86’ (on the reverse)
acrylic and fabric collage on canvas
48 x 72in

Richard Harrison was born in Liverpool in 1954. He read Medieval History at Cambridge University and then received BA and MA Fine Art degrees in Painting from Chelsea School of Art. There are few artists today whose work reaches into the inner soul stirring our basic emotional instincts whilst evoking responses of amazement and admiration. His abstract landscapes are rich in colour and texture with generous lashings of paint, which ebb and flow on the canvas reflecting turbulence and often violent upheaval. Harrison’s paintings are awesome in scale; their content exaggerated by the vigorous and robust handling of voluminous layers of paint adeptly manipulated to create a dynamic expression of form and colour which resonate all-over the canvas thus underpinning the powerful emotional and visionary themes ever present in the artist’s compositions. He has that unique ability common to any gifted and adventurous painter, which is to arouse emotions in the viewer. Be it by portraying agonising convoluted figures in a given situation or narrative or by the representation of natural phenomena usually in turmoil using his preferred combination of ‘hot’ and ‘cool’ colours to evoke anger or joy and calmness or tranquillity

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