Robert Gronendyke ( 1931- )

Robert Gronendyke – Farhat Art Museum Collection


“…and thus the golden days glide by.”collage on canvas measures 68×62 inches.

Robert k. Gronendyke had received Guggenheim fellowship to teach at the American University in Beirut Lebanon.
While he was there, When the Six Day War broke out, the U.S state department had evacuated all it’s citizens, their families, their house and professional goods. This collage was created in Beirut and was moved to California during the war event.


Robert K, Gronendyke’s aesthetic philosophy:-
“In my fifty-plus years as an artist, a perennial student and teacher, I have attempted to use consistent guidelines in critiques and judgmental circumstances regarding not only my own works, but those of learners, professionals and others who strive for success in their visual arts efforts and creativity. Generally, my guidelines are: form and content, the means and ends, style and substance, or media mastery and expression of concept. Secondarily, I consider presentation–e.g. reasonable and adequate frames (or the lack of them), the visual impact of mats that includes an absence of color as well as proportion and scale related to the image and whatever else amounts to craftsmanship in the presentation of the work to any viewer, whether through professional assistance of self-made. I pay attention to the use of the so-called elements of art: shape, form, color, texture, perspective, composition and the rest.”

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