Max Heimann

Max Heimann

Max Heimann was born in Berlin in 1909. He attended the State Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin where he studied under Professor Emil Orlik and Professor Kansch, also taking painting with Arthur Segal. Later, Heimann traveled extensively in Europe, visiting France, Italy, and the Low Countries.

After two one-man shows as a member of the New Naturalists, a painting by the artist was purchased by the Museum at Oranienburg, Germany. He was head of the Art Department of two high schools until he was forced to leave Germany in 1939. 

The next eight years were spent in Shanghai, China, where he soon gained a reputation as a portrait painter, receiving many commissions from American and English residents. He also painted numerous high officials, among them two mayors of Shanghai and the governor of Soochow province. The latter acquired a collection of 23 paintings by Heimann. At this time he also conducted an art school attended by pupils of many nationalities, including a number of well-known Chinese artists. 

In May 1947, Heimann arrived in the United States and made San Francisco his permanent residence. He has had one-man shows at the De Young Museum in that city in 1947, as well as at Gump Galleries in 1949.

The following information was from a catalogue published by Gump Galleries in 1949 on the occasion of a one-man show by the artist (October 12-November 5 1949).
Simhon-Schnell Gallery

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