Edouard Verschaffelt (1874 – 1955)

Edouard Verschaffelt (1874 - 1955)

Edouard Verschaffelt (1874 – 1955) 
Oil on canvas measures 14×17 inches with an Arabasque style frame. 
Titled Market place in Algeria.
Farhat Art Museum Collection.

Edouard Verschaffelt is a Flemish orientalist painter born in Ghent, Belgium in 1874 and died in Algeria Bou Saada in 1955.
He was a man deeply rooted in Algeria. It will produce a painting of the root, passion and deepening of the Algerian reality, if abused by the exotic orientalist. Edward Verschaffelt took against the foot academic Orientalism, colonial.

Student at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Antwerp, it carries with it from the start, the indelible traces of Flemish painting and attraction by impressionism. Arrived in Algeria with his wife, he is the bearer of these two heritages fabulous. That is why it will not fall into the trap of Orientalism smug face of so much sun, splendor and misery of Algeria at the time. Especially since, unlike the other orientalists attracted to North Africa, so doubtful and confused, Edouard Verschaffelt comes in Algeria in 1919 to escape the German occupation of Belgium during the First World War. He settled in the country and immediately feel a fascination for Bou Saada to adopt immediately. Bou Saada was, at the time, the “stronghold” of Dinet which is a notable city even more he converted to Islam, which gives him an extraordinary aura to the Aboriginal population . Edouard Verschaffelt meeting immediately Etienne Dinet.

After the death of his wife, Verschaffelt married an Algerian woman of the tribe of Ouled Sidi Brahim, who appears in multiple tables he spends his life. Verschaffelt will have, so blood ties with Algeria that he will paint the inside until it dies.

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