Doris Ann Warner (1925 – 2010)

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First achieving recognition as an abstract expressionist painter,
Doris A. Warner discovered the world of stone carving and returned to the university to the university for instruction in sculpting the three dimensional form, A journey to Pietra Santa Italy, (the Mecca of sculpture), gave her month with the Italian professor, Pasquale Martini, experiencing the Italian method of stone carving.She returned with three tons of marble and then she started working exclusively in this medium. 

The impressions and images gathered from extensive travel in Europe, Asia and Africa had inspired her works. One of the architectural wonders of the world. The Great Stupa of Borobudur, Java, was the source of inspiration for a series of five sculptures, the five sculptures are intended to be specifically architectonic in form and yet there is an unequivocal sense of history- frozen in time. The mysterious quality of the temple carving are translated into bronze icons ( lost-wax process) and places on the carved marble.

In addition Doris focused on the abstracted female figures which emphasized body movement through rhythmic flow of mass and line. She sculpted in a series, rework the same concept until it had been expressed as powerfully as possible. All her sculptures were a” one of a kind” addition to any art collection.

University of California , Santa Crus, California B.A. 1983
Pietrasanta, Italy Professor Pasquale Martini 1988

Selected Exibitions:
1995 Tustin Renaissance Gallery, Tustin, California
1990-95 Gallerie One, Sedona, Arizona
1992-93 Carman Brown Gallery, Laguna Beach, California
1989 UCSC invitation Show, Santa Cruz, California 
1986 Jessica Darraby Gallery, LosAngeles, California
1985 Bank Street Gallery, Palo Alto, California 
1985 Jalbert Gallery, Saratoga, California
1985 Olive Hyde Art Gallery, Fremont, California
1982 12th international Sculpture Conference- Pro ArtsOakland/ San Francisco, California

Corporate Art Programs: 
Hatley Martin Gallery, San Francisco, California
Art Programs Inc, San Francisco, California
San Jose institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, California 

Publication: The California Art Review Les Krantz, 1989
American References

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