Anne Gregory

Artist: Anne Gregory ( American ) Watercolor on thick Paper Measures 70x 104 inches Farhat Art Museum Collection

Artist: Anne Gregory ( American )
Watercolor on thick Paper
Measures 70x 104 inches
Farhat Art Museum Collection


Recently I’ve added many animals (drawn by me in zoos and museums of natural history)
to archetypal man and woman.
Bringing them together and seeing what might happen between human nature and the
natural world has been an adventure.I can’t begin just with images, but need to get excited by process and pushing
physical materials around-even adding the texture of found objects.
The result is a large elaborate drawing that is an object not just 2D.


1981 M.F.A. University of Iowa, Iowa City IA.
1972 M.A. ..California State University, Sacramento CA.
1958 B.A. ..Michigan State University, East Lansing MI.PROFESSIONAL TEACHING EXPERIENCE
1990… ..Professor of Drawing, Painting & Art History, Sacramento City College, Sacramento CA.
1996/1997 Instructor of drawing & Watercolor Painting, Sierra College, Rocklin CA.
1990 …..Professor of Drawing, California State University, Sacramento CA.
1989 …..Visiting Painting Professor, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge LA.
1988/1991.Professor of Watercolor Painting, California State University, Sacramento CA.
1987 …..Professor of Watercolor Painting, San Jose State University, San Jose CA.
1984 …..Instructor of Watercolor Painting, University of Iowa, Iowa City IA.
1965/1966.Instructor of Design, Purdue University Extension, Ft. Wayne IN.

1988 …..Public Art Commission , Oak Park Childcare Center, Sacramento CA.
1985+1988 California Arts Council Grants

2011……Skinner Howard Gallery, Sacramento CA.
2009……Skinner Howard Gallery, Sacramento CA.
2005+2002 Excentrique Gallery, Sacramento CA.
1999 …..Himovitz- Miller Gallery, Sacramento CA.
1998 …..Pence Gallery, Davis CA.
1995+1993 Himovitz-Miller Gallery, Sacramento CA.
1992 …..Himovitz-Spectrum Gallery, San Francisco CA.
1991+1989 Michael Himovitz Gallery, Sacramento CA.
1988 …..Himovitz-Salomon Gallery, Sacramento CA.
1986 …..Allrich Gallery, San Francisco CA.
1982+1983+1984+1985+1986 Jennifer Pauls Gallery, Roseville, & Sacramento CA.
1981 …..Open Ring Gallery, Sacramento CA.
1980 …..Jennifer Pauls Gallery, Roseville CA.
1977+1976 Le Sahuc Gallery, Sacramento CA.

2012 “Birdhouse Exhibit” Kondos Gallery, Sacramento CA.
2011 “Birdhouse Exhibit” Kondos Gallery, Sacramento CA.
2011 “Heart Of The Future” Kondos Gallery, Sacramento CA.
2005 “Exquisite Corpse” Toy Room Gallery, Sacramento CA.
2003 “National Juried Exhibit” Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley CA.
1995 “African Views” Galerie Lakaye, Los Angeles CA.
1992 “California Contemporaries”, American Center, Bombay, India
1990 “California Eccentrics” University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana IL.
1989 “New Faculty Exhibit” Louisiana State University Art Gallery,Baton Rouge LA.
1987 “Faculty Draw” San Jose State University Art Gallery,San Jose CA.
1985 “Northern California Narrative and Personal Vision”, Downey Museum, Downey CA.
1985 “Sacramento Davis Interface”, Richmond Art Center, Richmond CA.
1983 “Chicago Art 1983” Zak’s Gallery,Chicago Navy Pier,Chicago IL.
1982 “Annual Bumbershoot Festival” Seattle Art Center, Seattle WA.

2002 March 24, 1999 June 6, 1995 October 22, 1988 March 6, 1986 July 6 + May 11, 1980 July 29
…..REVIEWS by Victoria Dalke “Sacramento Bee”
1999 July-August REVIEW by Alan Gordon “Art Week”
1986 October,REVIEW by David Winter “Art News”
1986 July 19 REVIEW by Kenneth Baker “San Francisco Chronicle”
1986 May 10 REVIEW by Ellen Schlesinger “Art Week”
1985 CATALOGUE Downey Museum
1984 November 24, 1982 February 7, 1981 June 26 REVIEWS by Ellen Schlesinger “Sacramento Bee”
1977 November 2, 1976 May 30 REVIEWS by Charles Johnson “Sacramento Bee”

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