Agnes C. Sims (1910-1990)

Native American Artists & Artworks

agnes-c-sims-1910-1990 The painting is oil and sand mixed on board. The painting measures 46×26 inches Collection of Farhat Art Museum.

Agi” Sims is known for paintings and sculptures inspired by prehistoric rock art of New Mexico. Born in Devon, Pennsylvania, Sims attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and the Philadelphia School of Design for Women. She managed a traveling marionette theater before establishing herself as a textile and needlework designer in Philadelphia. After a visit to New Mexico in 1938, Sims returned to Philadelphia, packed her belongings, and returned to make Santa Fe her permanent home. She opened a classical record store in an eighteenth-century farmhouse on Canyon Road, but the shortage of shellac during the War put her out of business. Sims then became a building contractor (skills taught her by her contractor father), purchasing and renovating historic houses around Santa Fe. She later bought a nineteenth-century house…

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