Lucy Puls

Artist: Lucy Puls  Titled : Aqua Rapidous ( SWIFT WATER) Mixed Media Wood, Paper, Tuile dated 1994  Farhat Art Musuem Collection

Artist: Lucy Puls
Titled : Aqua Rapidous ( SWIFT WATER)
Mixed Media Wood, Paper, Tuile
dated 1994
Farhat Art Musuem Collection
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Kala Fellowship Award, Kala Institute for the Arts, Berkeley, CA
Oxbow School, Napa, CA, Visiting Artist
A Trapped In Your Mind Feeling, curated by Lucy Puls, catalog essay by Heidi De Vries, Aggregate Space Gallery and Transmission Gallery, Oakland, CA
MacDowell Colony Residency, Peterborough, NH
Yaddo Corporation, Saratoga Springs, NY
Hauberg Fellowship, Pilchuck School of Glass, Stanwood, WA
Pilchuck School of Glass, Stanwood Washington, Artist in Residency
California Arts Council Fellowship
1985 – present
Professor of Art, University of California, Davis
1982 – 1985
Assistant Professor of Art, Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC
1980 -1982
Instructor, Rhode Island School of Design
Freelance Model Maker, Providence RI
M.F.A. in Sculpture, Rhode Island School of Design
B.S. in Art, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Gaetano Esposito (1858 – 1911)

Artist: GAETANO ESPOSITO (1858-1911) Italian  Measures; 20x30 inches  oil on canvas / singed lower right  Farhat Art Museum Collection

Artist: GAETANO ESPOSITO (1858-1911) Italian
Measures; 20×30 inches
oil on canvas / singed lower right
Farhat Art Museum Collection

Gaetano Esposito (Salerno, November 17, 1858 – Sala Consilina, April 8, 1911) was an Italian painter.

He first studied under Gaetano D’Agostino, but later enrolled at the Royal Institute of Fine Arts of Naples, where he studied under Filippo Palizzi, Domenico Morelli and Stanislao Lista.[1] In these studies, he was funded by a stipend from the government of Salerno.[2] He was influenced by Antonio Mancini, a lifelong supporter, especially in his genre depictions of the activities of the lower classes of Naples. He also painted Portraits.[3]

Gaetano, like other Neapolitan painters such as Morelli, rebelled from an academic temperament. He was described as Irascible, diffident, and prone the jealousy, he was not one to gain friends among his colleague painters, with the exception of Antonio Mancini… and this lack of affability forced him to have to sell briskly to be able to sustain himself. He did get commissions in the last decade of the 19th century to decorate the Caffè Gambrinus in Naples, the ceiling (1895) of the Garibaldi Communal theater at Santa Maria Capua Vetere, and the ceiling (1897-1898) of the refurbished Palazzo della Borsa in Naples where he painted allegories of work and history.[4]

He began to concentrate on painting marine vedute, similar to those that had been traditional for the School of Posillipo. For example, he painted the scenic Palazzo Donn’Anna a number of times[5] At the 1904 Universal Exposition at Saint Louis, he won a gold medal for a large seascape canvas.

His painting of Christ among the children was displayed at the 1880 Turin exposition. At the 1877 National Exhibition, he displayed Un triste presentimento, Una figlia della colpa una cucina tutta fumo. In 1883 at Rome he displayed Da Posillipo. In 1884 in Turin he exhibited Brillo, Tipo napoletano, Primi palpiti, Aspetti, andColloquio piacevole.[6]

In 1910 a young female pupil, Venturina Castrignani, committed suicide after being romantically rejected by Gaetano. Tormented by guilt, Esposito himself committed suicide on April 7, 1911, in Sala Consilina in Salerno.[7]

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F Scott Hess (born 1955) American


 Signed lower left and dated 1982 Measres 87.00" x 84.00" (220.98cm x 213.36cm) Oil / Canvas Farhat Art Museum Collection

Signed lower left and dated 1982
Measres 87.00″ x 84.00″ (220.98cm x 213.36cm)
Oil / Canvas
Farhat Art Museum Collection

F. Scott Hess (b. 1955-) is a narrative realist painter whose work explores the themes of alienation, identity, loss, family, sex, and popular culture. Hess frequently works in series.
The Hours of the Day (1995-2001), a six-year project based on the medieval Book of Hours, features twenty-four paintings, each one representing a single hour of the day. Hess’s series, The Seven Laughters of God, is based on an Egyptian creation myth, and depicts a young man’s journey from struggling artist to art world hero, a twenty-first century update of William Hogarth’s A Rake’s Progress (1753).
Hess graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 1977. Two years later he moved to Vienna, Austria, where he studied with the painter Rudolf Hausner for five years. It was in Vienna that Hess gained greater exposure to Old Master painting, an experience that informs his work greatly.
The cultural environs and socioeconomic climate of Los Angeles, where Hess lives and works, play an important role in his painting. In the 1980s Hess made a series of works that focus on the entertainment industry, and his more recent paintings often use the homes and streets of his Echo Park neighborhood as a backdrop.
Hess is loosely associated with the LA-based group of artists, “The Bastards.”
F. Scott Hess’s work is represented in the permanent collections of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.; the San Jose Museum of Art; the Oakland Museum of California Art, and the Orange County Museum of Art .