Artist: Kirk Pedersen (American, b. 1959)

17264724_10154925537381224_5830421945748902559_nTitled: ” EPMD,”
Signature: Signed lower right and Dated 1996
Size: measures 9.00″ x 13.00″ inches
(48.26cm x 33.02cm)
Medium: Watercolor / Paper
Farhat Art Museum Collection

Born in Broken Bow, Nebraska, Kirk Pedersen, living in Los Angeles, California is a painter of botanical, urban and rural subjects in both photo real and abstract styles. In a 1987 exhibition publication, Pedersen’s studio was described as being “in a narrow concrete building across the street from the main line of the Union Pacific”. The visitor, Donald Bartlett Doe, wrote that the artist does not work from photographs or sketches but begins by placing paper “on the cracked concrete floor of his studio. Onto the paper, from various heights, he pours and splatters paint, which disperses across the paper in a manner in part dictated by chance.”

Then, once dried, Pedersen attaches the paper to a wall and with brush in hand creates an image that emerges both from pre-design and chance. “Out of this exploration comes his landscapes, fragments of the urban world which have been eroded by conditions natural to a city. The concrete curbing is cracked, paint on pavement is worn by weather and traffic; occasionally, intrusions of the natural world appear: water pools in a street, grass penetrates concrete.”

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