Artist: Mihran Kevork Serailan

Artist: Mihran Kevork Serailan (American, 1867-1957)
Title: Camel riders in Giza
Signed: lower left & dated1893
Medium: Oil on canvas
Farhat Art Museum Collection.

Painter. Born in Caesarea, Armenia on Nov. 9, 1867.
Having spent a considerable time in Egypt, Serailian arrived in Boston in 1892 and then accepted a position to teach in Indiana at Taylor University. He settled in San Francisco in 1900. He was a good friend of Luther Burbank and did many botanical illustrations for him. He died in San Francisco on Sept. 7, 1957. His work includes landscapes, florals, and portraits.

Exh: Bruner’s Gallery (Santa Rosa), 1910; City of Paris (SF), 1924; Hotel Huntington (Pasadena), 1926. 11 Western Arts Magazine, Feb. 1926, p. 14; CD; DR.17990272_10155028349436224_8614491114189977683_o

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