Artist: William Maul ( 1954- ) American

54994729_1_xArtist: William Maul born ( 1954- ) American
Titled: “Le Mepris:
Signed and dated 2007 on reverse
Medium:” Oil on panel’. measures 36×24 inches
Farhat Art Museum collection
Artist Statement
“You’ll scream yourself into a state of shock!”For obvious reasons I’ll say a few words about movie posters. They represent a time and place in my life that was formative. The posters, not the movies, are the point here: all that provocative imagery of sex, thrills, violence and action.
The poster lured you in to the movie theater with its technicolor imagery and promise, ultimately unfulfilled. In The Day the Earth Stood Still, Patricia Neal never wore anything with a neckline lower than her collarbone, yet in the poster she’s screaming in terror and wearing a low cut strapless gown. Crazy!
Finally, all the imagery used in my work is chosen for its graphic quality. By the way, one of the posters in this show is not a real movie poster.
Exhibitions and Awards
“How did IT get here?”Selected Solo Exhibitions
2012 “William Maul” John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA
2010 “William Maul” John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA
2007 “William Maul” John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA
2002 “William Maul” John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA
1997 “As Seen On TV” John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA
1994 “William Maul” Robert Hunter Gallery, Sacramento, CA
1993 “Night And Day” Archival Framing, Sacramento, CA
1987 “William Maul & Friends” Lansing Art Gallery, Lansing, MI
1983 “Lobby “83” Center for the Arts, Lansing, MI
Selected Group Exhibitions
“Cigar Box Art” John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA
“Figure” John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA
“Doors and Windows” John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA
“Artists New Work” John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA
“Blue Valentine” Tower Design Gallery, Sacramento, CA
“Gallery Macabre” Tower Design Gallery, Sacramento CA
“Contemporary Pop Artists” Capitol Club, Sacramento, CA
“Fine Art of Framing” Tower Design Gallery, Sacramento, CA
“Los Angeles Art Show” Los Angeles, CA
“10th Annual All Creatures Great and Small” John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA
“Sutter Club Honors Area Artists” Sacramento, CA
“Gun and Doll Show” Thomas Oldham Gallery, Sacramento, CA
“Black and White” Art Effects, Woodland, CA
“Small Treasures” Thomas Oldham Gallery, Sacramento, CA
“The Artists Arcana” Thomas Oldham Gallery, Sacramento, CA
“All Creatures Great and Small” John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA
“Return of the Day of the Dead” South Bay Contemporary Museum of Art II, Long Beach CA
“Barbie Does The Boulevard” Phantom Galleries, Sacramento, CA
“Cigar Box Art” Archival Framing, Sacramento, CA
“5th Annual All Creatures Great and Small” John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA
“Box Show” Weintraub Hunter Gallery, Sacramento, CA
“Artists For Amnesty” John Natsoulas Gallery, CA
“Roseville Art Center’s 19th Annual Open Show” Roseville Art Center, Roseville, CA
“Art for Art’s Sake…Money For God’s Sake” South Bay Contemporary Museum of Art II, Long Beach, CA
“Wonderland” Archival Framing, Sacramento, CA
“Puttin’ on the Dog” Archival Framing, Sacramento, CA
“Six Easy Pieces Invitational” Palo Alto Cultural Center, Palo Alto, CA
“Day of the Dead” Archival Framing, Sacramento, CA
“Mixed Bag Invitational” Palo Alto Cultural Center, Palo Alto, CA
“Perspectives in Realism” Archival Framing, Sacramento, CA
“Issues of the 90’s’ Michael Himovitz Gallery, Sacramento, CA
“Figure Drawing Exhibition” Sierra College Gallery, Rocklin, CA
“Selections from the Natsoulas/Novelozo Gallery” Sierra College Gallery, Rocklin, CA
“New Work ’88” Natsoulas/ Novelozo Gallery, Davis, CA
“Dirty Art Show” Two Doors Down Gallery, Lansing MI
“4th Michigan Artists Competition” Battle Creek Art Center, Battle Creek, MI
“Michigan Fine Arts Competition” Birmingham Fine Arts, Birmingham, MI
“Toledo Area Artists 63rd Exhibition” Toledo Art Museum, Toledo, OH
“Toledo Area Artists 62nd Exhibition” Toledo Art Museum, Toledo, OH
“20th Annual Mid-Michigan Exhibition” Midland, MI
“Capital City Arts” Lansing City Hall, Lansing, MI
1994 Merit Award, “Roseville Art Center’s 19th Annual Open Show” Roseville, CA
1983 Second Award, “4th Michigan Artists Competition” Battle Creek, MI
1980 First Award, “Toledo Area Artists 62nd Exhibition” Toledo, OH
1980 Roulet Medal of Excellence, “Toledo Area Artists 62nd Exhibition” Toledo, OH
1978 Juror’s Award, “Capital City Artists” Lansing, MI

Artist : Walter Thomas. American

s-l1600-4Artist : Walter Thomas. American
Titled: Over & Under
Measures: 48×36 inches
Signed and dated 2000 on reverse
Medium: oil on canvas stretched on board
Farhat Art Museum Collection

Artist Statement

I backed into this series of work.

I was feeling sorry for myself: tired, constrained, bored finally with the geometric painting I had been making for a number of years, a good part of the decade between 1985 and 1995. In a somewhat desperate state I took hold of some of my failed geometric paintings and began to erase them by burying the images beneath layers of random, overlapping squiggles of paint squeezed from small plastic containers with narrow spouts on them. The sudden freedom I felt was positively luxurious and, surprisingly, the resulting surfaces were very interesting to me. Bits and fragments of the geometric forms could still be seen here and there beneath the layers and there was a shallow but very perceptible depth created.

Very soon I was creating geometric forms that I then deliberately buried as described above, making what became a very intriguing and satisfying series. The work became pivotal; it moved me from the flat, unmodulated painting I had been doing to a freer, more gestural painting that I have continued to pursue ever since.

1977 PHD 1969 MA 1955 BA
Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois Chairperson, Art Department (1978-1983) Taught Art History, Drawing.
Converse College, Spartanburg, South Carolina Chairperson, Art Department (1977-1978) Taught Art History, Painting, Drawing
Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Illinois Taught Art History, Drawing
Ninety-one reviews, articles and essays for various publications, mostly Art in America
Another Cézanne, a biographical fantasy, a novel about the life of Paul Cézanne, published by The Book Guild, Lewes, Sussex, England, 1998

2009, October 2009, March
2006, November 2004, September 2002, Oct./ Nov. 2002, May/ June 2001, Sep./ Nov. 2001, August 2000, March 1999, Nov./ Dec. 1999, Oct./ Nov. 1992, June-July
Ezair Gallery, New York “Nine of Them (continued)” Two person show
Amos Eno Gallery, Brooklyn “Oh, Say Can You See” [new in the series “Nine of Them”]
Solo show
Amos Eno Gallery, New York “Nine of Them” Solo show
Amos Eno Gallery, New York “Corrugated Fields” Solo show
Amos Eno Gallery, New York “Over/ Under” Solo show
Gallery 10, Ltd., Washington D.C. “New York-DC.” Group show
Collaborative Concepts Gallery, Beacon, New York Group show
Art Design Digression, Hudson, New York Group show
Earlville Opera House Gallery, Earlville, New York Solo Show
Art Design Digression, Hudson, New York Group show
Cleveland State University, Ohio Group Show
Andre Zarre Gallery, New York Group show

1991, June
1989, July/ August 1988, September 1987, May
1983, May/ August 1980, June/ July 1980, January 1979, May
1976, September 1976, April
1975, October 1975, August 1975, April
Kathryn Sermas Gallery, New York Group show
Marilyn Pearl Gallery, New York Group show
Nina Owen Gallery, Chicago, Illinois Group show
Nina Owen Gallery, Chicago, Illinois Group show
Peoria Civic Center, Illinois Invitational group show
Columbia College, Chicago, Illinois “Thompson’s Room” Solo Show
Peoria Art Guild, Illinois “Thompson’s Room” Solo Show
Madison Art Center, Wisconsin “Self Portraits” Group show
Converse College, Spartanburg, South Carolina Two person show
California State University, Los Angeles “Normal-LAX” Group show
Beloit College, Beloit, Wisconsin Group Show
Illinois State Fair, Springfield Juried show, Award
Rock Island Fine Arts Exhibition, Illinois. Juried show

1974, Nov/ Dec 1974, May/ June 1974, May 1974, January 1973, Oct./ Nov. 1973, May/ June 1973, May 1972, November
Mid-States Art Exhibition, Evansville, Indiana Juried show, Purchase prize
One Illinois Center, Chicago
“The Bloomington Group” Group show
Renaissance Society, University of Chicago “The Anonymous Image” Group show
Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington Solo show
Nancy Lurie Gallery, Chicago, Illinois “Come to Bloomington” Group show
Grand Palais, Paris, France
“Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui” Group show
Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington Group show
Bette Hill Gallery, Paris, France Two person show

Artist: Joel Barletta (1924 – 2012 ) American

Artist: Joel Barletta (1924 – 2012 ) American
Titled: “Yellow #12,”
Dated: 1965, signed Barletta , verso
Medium: Oil on canvas:
Measure: 60″h x 48″w inches
Farhat Art Museum Collection
Joel Barletta was active / lived in California, New Jersey. Joel Barletta was known for geometric abstraction.
Painter. Born in New Jersey: attended the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts, the Art Students League of New York, and CSFA. His paintings of the mid-1950’s were big, craggy abstractions in which dramatic sweeps of pigment contrasted with the movement of energetic black-and-white lines. Around1957 his paintings assumed somewhat more recognizable landscape forms. Built in flowing. horizontal layers that suggested mountains, canyons and buttes. In the early 1960’s these became more fluid and atmospheric, and by the late 1960’s his canvases become monochromatic fields, divided diagonally into two or three broad geometric planes that differed only in subtle ( something almost subliminal) nuance of value and intensity. Barely was one of the early exhibitors at the Dilexi Gallery in the late 1950’s.
His works are in the collections of the Oakland Museum of California and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. He has exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art in 1965.
Reference / source:
Art in the San Francisco Bay Area 1945-1980
An Illustrated History by Thomas Albright

أعمال الفنان دان كريستنسن..توليف حركي بين الشكل واللون

(Dan Christensen)يقوم الفنان «دان كريستنسنDan Christensen 1971 dated 104x 83 inches

بتوليف حركي بين الشكل واللون، لنسج علاقات متشابكة تتطور بصريا، وفق ابتكارات الحركة وتوهجات الالوان التي تجبر الرائي على اعادة النظر اكثر من مرة. لانفصال الاشياء فيها وتلاحمها في المعاني اللونية، المتناقضة والمختلفة، مستخدما احيانا خربشات تلقائية عفوية وعميقة، واحيانا اخرى تكون بمثابة مستطيلات ومربعات ومثلثات. لتعزيز التعبير التجريدي المتجانس منه والغير المتجانس، بتذبذب يتميز بابراز العلاقة اللونية مع الشكل المعقد. لبساطة الخطوط في التعبير المجرد عن حالة لا مكانية غير مستقرة، يدمج من خلالها الالوان الزاهية. ليفك الجمود عن الفراغات التي تحتضن اغلب اعماله الفنية. فالتكوينات الغير واعية تؤدي الى ضبط النفس المؤدي الى الوضوح في الفكرة، وتميز المساحات التي تستقطب الضوء الذي يبرز قيمة الخطوط وجوهر التخيلات للاشكال التجريدية عبر التشابه، والتماثل والتناقض، والتناغم والايقاعات ذات المسار الفني الذي ينتمي الى التجريد التعبيري وبالعكس. ليثير الدهشة ويدفع النفس نحو المتعة، وباختزال ذي مسح بصري يؤدي الى الاستكشاف والاحساس بالتجريد ذي عدة تعبيرات بين الكثير من الخطوط والالوان، والحركة بينهما والاحساس بمتاهة الوجود.
ما بين عفوية الاحجام الصغيرة والكبيرة يعوم الضوء بين الالوان المؤثرة على الشعور التعبيري، الغير موضوعي والمشحون بمعانٍ ذاتية، ينبذها الفنان ويترجمها في اللاوعي التعبيري، والتجريد المتجذر في المراوغات البصرية بين الاشكال والاشكال التي تنفصل وتتلاحم. للخروج من ازمة ما ترتبط بالانفعالات الحسية عند الفنان «دان كريستنسن» وكأنه يتناقض بين الانماط التعبيرية والتجريدية بخلق تعبير تجريدي تشترك فيه نسب الضوء، وتدرجات الالوان في الخطوط التلقائية الموحية بالقوة في الكثير من الاحيان، كنوع من فلسفة تشع بالوجودية. لتمحو ما في النفس من شوائب تختزل تأثيرات الحروب على الانسان، ولتعطي لوحاته المعنى للحياة، وغموضها المؤدي الى نقطة محورية ذات خصائص جمالية، ترتبط بالشفافية والكثافة والسماكة. لابراز انات اللون والايقاعات الصامتة التي تعكس ديناميكية النمط التعبيري، التجريدي وحيويته التي لا تفتقر للايحاءات والايماءات التي تخفي خلفيات فنية ذات معانٍ ابداعية رغم التعبير النفسي البسيط الذي يحمله المغزى الفني للوحات «دان كريستنسن»
يسلط «دان كريستنسن» الضوء على الحقول البصرية كانها مغناطسية تشد الالوان بازدواجية يوظفها في امتداد الالوان الحارة والباردة، وبتناقض سلبي ايجابي يعكس مجازية وجود الانسان في الحياة، وفلسفة الفهم المادي للقوى الداخلية التي تثير زوبعاتها عدة تأثيرات، تهيمن على اللوحة وتكويناتها التي تركز على السطوح، تاركة الفراغات للعمق وللاحساس بالاحجام التي تختزن الكثير من الافكار والمشاعر، الالم، والفرح، والمأساة، والاوجاع، واللاوعي الذي يتجسد في التعبير التجريدي، وهيمنات الحركة العشوائية في بعض منها والمؤثرة على مشهديات لوحاته بشكل عام. فالتدفق الايقاعي في المتناقضات بين الاشكال يولد حركة تمثل حركة النفس الانسانية داخل الجسد، وكأن اللوحة هي الانسان الذي يحيا على الارض، بنزاعات وحروب تؤثر على مساراته في الحياة، وترافقه حتى الموت. فهل التجريد التعبيري فرويدي في بعض منه؟.
يتلاعب الفنان «دان كريستنسن» بايماءات الشكل واللون، وبحركة الخطوط على خلفيات تمثل الاكتمال والنقصان في اللوحة التشكيلية النفسية بشكل خاص. التي قد تتخطى اللاوعي بالانفعالات التي تبرز شدة التعلق بالخطوط الرئيسية للحياة في مصطلحين هما التعبير والتجريد الذي يصعب ابرازهما معا في التعبير التجريدي، وبالعكس ما لم يمتلك الفنان خاصية ما يحاول من خلالها فك لغز الخط الذي يترجم ما في النفس من مخاوف وطمأنينة، وما في لون من اختلافات في المعاني المداعبة للشعور بجمالية الفن ومؤثراته النفسية على بث المزيد من التساؤلات الفنية نحو التجريد التعبيري وماهيته الخاصة عند كل فنان.
الفنان التشكيلي «دان كريستنسن» Dan Christensen (1942 – 2007) من مجموعة متحف فرحات
ضحى عبدالرؤوف المل

Artist: Wilbert Verhelst (1923- 2013 ) American

Artist: Wilbert Verhelst (1923- 2013 ) American
Date 1954 and signed lower leftWILBERT (BILL) VERHELST (CO:TX, 1923-2012)
Title: Butterflies
Size: 30″x40″ (height x width) oil on canvas
Exhibited: 1956 Sarasota Art Association – Sixth Annual National Exhibition
Farhat Art Museum Collection

Artist Information:
Wilbert Verhelst was born in Sheboygan, Wisconsin in 1923. He was a museum curator, sculptor, painter and teacher and earned his BFA in 1950 and MFA in 1956 from the University of Denver. He served the Denver Art Museum as an assistant curator, associate curator and teacher from 1952 until 1957. He then became the director of the Sioux City Art Center for a year before returning to the Denver Art Museum as a curator from 1958 to 1960. In 1968, Verhelst joined Roger Kotoske and Beverly and Bernie Rosen to form the Denver Sculpture Symposium which created Burns Sculpture Park at Colorado Boulevard and Alameda Avenue in Denver. Verhelst eventually relocated to Texas where he helped create the Texas Sculpture Symposium in 1978 and established and taught at the sculpture department at Southern Methodist University. Verhelst received many sculptural commissions for public buildings in Colorado, Texas and Louisiana. He shared his knowledge in his own book Sculpture: Tools, Materials and Techniques, published by Prentice Hall in 1973, in addition to influencing young artists through his many years of teaching. Verhelst died in Dallas, Texas in 2012.

Exhibited: San Francisco AA, 1953, 1957; Mississippi AA, 1950; Sarasota AA, 1956; AGAA, 1949; Utah State Univ., 1957; Denver Art Mus., 1949, 1950, 1952-56; Joslyn Mem. Mus., 1950, 1958; Nelson Gal. Art, 1950, 1957; Mus. New Mexico, 1957; WAC, 1958; Des Moines Art Center, 1958. Award: Art Faculty award, Univ. Denver, 1949.

Keywords: Mid Century Modern, Abstract, Geometric, Atomic Ranch, Retro, Original, Painting, Butterflies, Butterfly, Modernist,
50’s, Eames, Madmen, Design

Wilbert Verhelst, one of the nations major sculptures, is also one of the few of his professional stature who is both native born and educated. He was born in 1923 in Wisconsin and received his B.F.A. and M.A. from the University of Denver.

His sculpture has been the subject of major exhibitions at institutions such as the San Francisco Museum of Art, the Denver Art Museum, the Museum of New Mexico, and Southern Methodist University’s Pollock Gallery.

Verhelst has made Dallas his home since the early 1960s. His larger works grace many private and public buildings in the Western United States, while his less massive works may be seen in public and private collections.

A superb example of one of his larger works is a 35-foot sculptured fountain commissioned by PepsiCo for the corporate headquarters of their Dallas-based subsidiary, Frito-Lay, Inc.

The Artist has been recognized for his blending of intellectualism with superb technique and mastery of materials. His book, Sculpture: Tools, Materials and Techniques, is considered by many to be the definitive treatment by an American of sculptural technique and materials. It is utilized as a textbook in major art schools throughout the country.

Verhelst, in 1964 joined the faculty of Southern Methodist University where he holds the rank of Professor and directs the sculpture program at the Meadows School of the Arts.