Artist: Susan Field ( American

Measures: 33 x 16 inches
Medium: Mixed Medium
Farhat Art Museum Collection

I have been working as an artist for 27 years. My work is mainly sculptural in form and reflects my pleasure in materials such as fur, metal, quills, beads and stones. I like connecting unlike things. Sewing by hand is an important part of my process, not only for aesthetic reasons, but because its slow labor allows me to reflect on the work over time.
Some of my most recent works are based on stones, their physical heft or the outline of their shapes. Stones are good teachers, because they prompt questions: about time (“How old is the one I hold in my hand?”) and about space (“Where has this one traveled? Where am I going?”). They have something to say about patience and silence. And as anchors, they have freed me to try various artistic options.


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