Artist: Stevenson Magloire (1963 – 1994) Haitian Titled: “The third leg” Stylized Haitian figures and symbols


Measures: “41.50” x 31.50″ inches
(105.41cm x 80.01cm)
Medium: Oil / Canvas
Signature: Signed Lower Right
Farhat Art Museum Collection

Stivenson Magloire was born on August 16, 1963 in Petionville, Haiti. He began to paint at age 10 and progressed through various styles before arriving at his own unique place. His mature work is expressionistic in nature, populated with bizarre people, birds and symbols which often make social or political statements. By the late 1980’s he was being compared with Jean-Michel Basquiat; his personal behavior was lively, sometimes excessive, and his paintings were being purchased by collectors from all over the world. In an article in Elle Decor magazine in 1990, Quincy Troupe called him the future of Haitian Art. Sadly, that future was short-lived; Stivenson was stoned to death in broad daylight by personal enemies during the chaos that accompanied the first days of the US action that restored Jean-Bertrand Aristide to power on October 9, 1994. He was the son of the late, great godmother of the Saint-Soleil movement, the painter Louisianne St. Fleurant. His older brother, Ramphis, is also a talented painter, as is his sister Magda Magloire
In the Spring of 2010, the cemetery
in which Loiusianne and Stivenson were buried,
was bulldozed

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