About The Farhat Cultural Center

On the contrary of what is happening in Today’s creativity forms: the core activity of a growing section of the global economy—the so-called “creative industries”—capitalistically generating  wealth through the creation and exploitation of intellectual property or through the provision of creative services.

The Farhat Cultural Center is always seeking to collect Great Artworks ( Paintings, Photography, Sculptures, Videos, Instalations …) , to share it with the world as a  pure Proof to the EXISTENCE of Honest Humanity in the Individual Creativity .

Farhat Cultural Center is the result of one man’s vision to bring into public focus a collection of paintings, photographs and conceptual art constructions that best represent the powerful artistic expressions of Contemporary Arab Artists.

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One thought on “About The Farhat Cultural Center

  1. Hello. my name is Carlos and my surname is Farhat im artis of paint, my Category is
    Contemporary Art and my grandparents are Arabs and now i live en Argentina, my desire is to expose my art on your site..
    expect an answer
    a respectful greeting

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