Artist: Claude Bentley ( 1915-1990 ) American Titled: Copper Sky Signed lower right: Claude Bentley and dated 1975

Measures: 26 5/8 x 42 1/2 inches
Farhat Art Museum Collection


A painter, lithographer, and muralist Claude Bentley was based primarily in Chicago, and was also a teacher at Layton School of Art in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; the Art Institute of Chicago; and the North Shore Art League in Winnetka. In addition, he gave numerous lectures and demonstrations.

Bentley, born in New York City, studied at Northwestern University and the Art Institute of Chicago. From 1941 to 1945, he was in North Africa with the armed forces and in France. An interest in pre-Columbian culture and the Indians of Mexico and the primitive arts of Africa took him many times to those places and had a strong influence on is painting style. He also became a collector of African, Oceanic, and pre-Columbian art.

The forms in his paintings reference geometric shapes and the simplicities of primitive art. As a muralist, he completed commissions for the Plaza del lago Shopping Center in Wilmette and 3600 Lake Shore Drive Building in Chicago.

In 1949, he became a member of the Chicago Society of Artists.

Source: Louise Dunn Yochim, “Role and Impact: The Chicago Society of Artists”

Artist: Marcia Roberts ( Born 1946) American Titled: “Pacifica”. San Mateo Series Medium: Oil on canvas, laid on board Dated: 2006. Signed, titled and dated on the reverse.


Measures: (22″ x 30″) inches
Farhat Art Museum Collection

Marcia Roberts was born and raised in Los Angeles where she attended Hollywood High School. She received a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Fine Arts) from Connecticut College and studied at Falmouth School of Art, Falmouth England. During the 1970’s Roberts established her studio in Santa Monica where her interest in light and space led to experimentation with various technologies and materials. Eventually she came full circle and returned to paint and brush to achieve the optical and spatial dynamics she sought.
Her first solo exhibit was in 1981 at the Asher-Faure Gallery in Los Angeles. After a several year hiatus, she began showing again in the late nineties and in 2000 had a solo show in Los Angeles, and later an exhibit at the Peter Blake Gallery in Laguna Beach.
While her studio is located on the Central Coast of California, she remains an active participant in the Southern California art scene. The work may seem to be about light and space, light and surface, and her goal is to challenge the viewer with perceptions of but the dynamics of her paintings.
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It may seem to be about light and space, light and surface. But what becomes necessary is time. This is not a situation where what you see is what you get. What you perceive in the first five seconds is different than what you see ten seconds later or two hours later when the light in the room has changed or you are standing at a different angle, different distance. If one invests the time, the painting becomes many paintings. Earlier work involved special lights and materials but that frequently resulted in the static, predictable state I was trying to avoid. I went back to paint and brush to try to achieve an ever-changing painting as light changes through the course of the day. It takes a very long time to make one of these paintings in order to have something that surprises me. Maybe it’s not about time or perception, but about patience.

Artist: James L Huntington (born 1941) American
Titled: Diamond only
Medium: Liquitex on canvas
Signed and dated 1966 on reverse
Farhat Art Museum Collection


Measures  23×23 inches


Jim Huntington was born in Indiana in 1941. He attended the State University in Bloomington, Indiana, then El Camino College in California in the late 1950s. Huntington was awarded National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships as well as grants from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation and the Adolf and Esther Gottlieb Foundation. A number of his one-person exhibitions were held in galleries in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Boston.

After living many years in New York, Huntingon moved to Coupland, Texas in 1994 where he continues to reside and work. With the help of a few friends and neighbors, Huntington maintains the Huntington Sculpture Foundation, a trust that the artist set up to preserve his work. The Foundation features small sculptures inside his studio workshop and dozens of large sculptures on the acreage surrounding the workshop.

Huntington’s work is held in numerous museums, and in private and public collections of such institutions as: Power Institute of Contemporary Art in Australia, Kansai Gaidai University in Japan, Scripps College in California, Boston Public Library, Storm King Center in New York, the Noguchi Sculpture Garden in Costa Mesa, California, and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

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Artist: Vassilis Magiassis (1880 – 1926)

Vassilis Magiassis was active/lived in Greece.  Vassilis Magiassis is known for painting.

Vassilis Magiassis 24x18 inches

 Measures: 24×18  inches,  Oil on canvas. signed lower right

Farhat Art Museum Collection

تجربة فنية زاخرة بالألوان تشرق بجمال شمال إفريقيا

فاسيليس ماجياسيس فنان تشكيلي يوناني 1880-1929 ينتمي للمدرسة الانطباعية ويعتبر من أبرز رسامي القرن التاسع عشر الذين استفادوا في تجربتهم التشكيلية من التنقل والأسفار حيث كوّنت عندهم اهتماما بالضوء والألوان المشتقة من تفاعلات الطبيعة وطقوسها بتأثر نمّى الإحساس بالفضاءات ونقلها بكل تفاصيلها.

فشغفه بالألوان بالأمكنة ودقتها جعله يختار الفن التشكيلي للتعبير ولنقل الصور والمشاهد الطبيعية التي كانت تُطبع في ذاكرته وتُأثر على حواسه ومشاعره وفكرته فكان يحولها إلى لوحات متناسقة بانطباعياته واندماجه الراسخ مع حرفية أسلوبه.

وقد قدّم ماجياسيس تجربة فنية نقلته إلى الشرق وبالتحديد إلى شمال إفريقيا بكل خصوصيات تلك المنطقة وتفاصيلها بزحمتها واختلافها غرائبيتها وتنوعها حضارة وتاريخا وتقاليد وهندسة ومعمار وملامح وأزياء ما ساعده على اقتحام عوالم وأفكار نوّعت أسلوبه في التعبير والألوان وفي اقتناص الضوء من سطوع الشمس وانعكاساتها على الألوان التي تميز الجدران والبيوت والطبيعة ومن طغيان اللون الأبيض وتناغمه مع وزرقة السماء، ومن بين هذه اللوحات التي عبرت عن شمال إفريقيا وخصوصا مدينة تونس العتيقة اقتنى متحف فرحات الفن من أجل الإنسانية قرابة 5 لوحات أصلية منها.

Vassilis Magiassis 20x24 inches

Measures: 20×24 inches, oil on canvas,  signed lower right

Farhat Art Museum Collection

قدم فاسيليس أعماله وفق الأسلوب الانطباعي المكثف في تلاوينه الغامرة والمتناغمة مع الضوء والمشرقة بوضوح يتناسق مع ضربات الفرشاة الثقيلة التي تسيطر على المكان والمساحة والموضوع المحتفى به، فهو يقدمها بتأثر واضح بين هاذين العنصرين في تداخل بين الموازين وبترتيب متقن يحيل على المكان ويتماهى معه.

حاول تقليد الضوء في انعكاساته على الأسطح مباشرة باستخدامه للألوان الزيتية في بقع منفصلة  صغيرة ذات أشكال واضحة لأنه يتجاوز دمجها على لوحة الألوان حتى تسهّل عليه التحكم في الإضاءات والتعاطي المرن مع الظلال، فتصوير الطبيعة والأمكنة المختلفة والمشاهد المتنوعة والمعمار العام أضفى على لوحاته الاستشراقية طابع الدقة خاصة وأنه كان يتابع كل تغيير في الأجواء وفي الحركة التي تميز الأفراد والمدن من أجواء الأسواق والشوارع ، فيتحول مع الملامح العامة نحو المشهد لإظهار كل تغير في المسطحات فألوانه نظيفة ونقية وصافية فالمشاهد سجلت انطباعاته عن تفاصيل الحياة وعلاقتها بتحولات الطبيعة.

ركز أيضا على الملامح العامة في تفاصيل المدن الشرقية حيث بحث عن النقاط الأكثر تعبيرا وجاذبية فاللوحات التي قدمها لا تركز على الموضوع بقدر ما تحيل المشاهد على المناظر والملامح وتحمله إلى عمق الصورة في انطباعاتها الثابتة وتأثرها بالمشاهد بصريا وبالإضاءة والحضور الكامل لعناصر الطبيعة خيالا، في انسجاماتها وتناغمها فهي تخلق التأثر من الواقع وتنفصل عنه من التعبير البسيط، في تلوين الضوء والسطوع والكثافة والفكرة الملونة وانبعاثات الرؤية التي تلامس تأثرا بالأمكنة.

Vassilis Magiassis 24x18 inches

Measures;  24×18 inches, oil on canvas, signed lower right

Farhat Art Museum Collection

رغم اهتمامه بالطبيعة والمكان لم يكتف ماجياسيس بذلك بل بحث من خلالها عن الأناقة الداخلية للوحة التي احتملت كل كثافات الخصوصية المتداخلة معها من حيث الترتيب والتناسق ونقل التأثر الذي عكس رؤيته الجمالية للأمكنة وللأسلوب الذي يعبر به والذي لامس الدقة في المشهد والحدث والزمن والتأثر بين عناصر اللوحة معه.

*الأعمال المرفقة:

متحف فرحات الفن من أجل الإنسانية


Artist: Bernard Buffet (1928 – 1999) French

Title: Bouquet de Fleurs
Medium: Watercolor and gouache on heavy paper
Measures: 40 x 51 cm / 15.75x 20 inches
Signed upper right and dated 1991
Farhat Art Museum Collection


Bernard Buffet was active / lived in France.
Was known for abstract figural painting, engraving, printmaking, design.

French painter, etcher, lithographer, designer and occasional sculptor, Bernard Buffet was born in Paris where he studied at The Ecole des Beaux Arts from 1944-45. Highly precocious, Buffet had his first one man exhibition in 1947 in Paris at the Galerie des Impressions d’Art in Paris and the following year, at the age of 20, was awarded the Prix de la Critique.

By this time, Buffet had already established his distinctive style, characterized by elongated, angular forms with dark outlines, muted colors and a solitary mood. He used a wide range of subjects including religious scenes, landscapes, still lifes and portraits. His work seemed to express the existential alienation and spiritual solitude of the post-war generation and he enjoyed enormous success in the 1950s.

In 1955, he was awarded the first prize by the magazine Connaissance des Arts, which named the 10 best post-war artists. In 1958, at the age of 30, the first retrospective of his work was held at the Galerie Charpentier. Bernard Buffet has had many solo exhibitions world-wide, including New York, Chicago, Palm Beach, Montréal, Vancouver, Tokyo, Osaka, Johannesburg, London, Amsterdam, Bruxelles, Berlin, Zurich, Genève, Rome, Venice, Milan and Madrid. The Surugadaira Museum in Japan is dedicated to collecting his works, boasting nearly 1,000 of Buffet’s works.

On December 12, 1958 Bernard Buffet married Annabel Schob—they would soon have two daughters, Virginie born in 1962 and Danielle born in 1963. In 1971, the same year that he was named Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur, his son Nicolas was born.

An exceptional engraver and lithographer, Bernard Buffet embraced printmaking and is also recognized for his remarkable book illustrations. A 1992 poll for the French magazine Beaux-Arts, French people declared preferring Bernard Buffet to Vermeer or Andy Warhol.

Buffet died in 1999, suffering from Parkinson’s disease and despondent over being unable to work.

“Painting—we do not talk about it, we do not analyze it, we feel it.”

Select Museum Collections:
Tate Gallery, London
J. Paul Getty Museum, CA
Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, CA
National Gallery of Canada
ARTAX, Dusseldorf